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「 W I L D C A R D 

"Nobody picks on a strong man."


Favorite Video Game Characters (in no particular order)

→ 108. Delsin Rowe (inFamous: Second Son)

  I’m gonna be different, Okay? I’m not there doing what they do, I’m there to save lives, I’m gonna be like Super Man.


I see people wanting an AssCreed game set for China or Japan but honestly, I don’t. I feel like too many people would be all “OMG NINJAS” and just ruin the whole experience. I’d personally like to see a game set in ancient Egypt or something. 

[image from assassin’s creed: memories]


"Listen. I need to trust you, Clara." 

Delsinsfire’s  video game alphabet

Bioshock Infinite - The Columbia Patriot

The world is crammed with cruelty

how many lives have you taken to do the same?


Smiling Kenways :-)


"It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.” - Ursula K. Le Guin

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