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"Imagine: Fighting side by side with James Kidd."

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"Imagine: Being Leonardo Da Vinci’s apprentice and getting to work along side him and Ezio.”

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"Imagine: Ubisoft releasing a new Multiplayer DLC, featuring Charles Vane as a new playable character."

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First of all, YES. YES YES YES. I would never play as any other character EVER AGAIN EVER.

Second, hnnnnng I want a single player DLC with him too, kinda in the style of ToKW or Freedom Cry.

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make me choose » crazzedcheshire asked: Altair Ibn-La Ahad or Connor Kenway?

Delsin, don’t you ever wonder where you got your powers? 

Nope, I was just a badass, then I was a badass with powers.

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Describe Aiden Pearce in 8 words.

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"I heard stories of the infamous Anne Bonny and Mary Read, taking on the King’s Navy together. Just the pair of you.”
"It’s all true."

"Your name’s not James, is it?"
"Not most days."

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